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Captive Tourists

The Nez Perce Encounter

During their fighting retreat toward freedom
in Canada, the non-treaty Nez Perce passed
directly through Yellowstone National Park
in August, 1877. Their route followed this
creek. When outriders encountered a party of
sightseers camped nearby, the Nez Perce held
the group hostage for several hours.

Angry at past betrayals, a pair of Nez Perce
shot and left for dead Gorge Cowan, but a
chief intervened and the rest of the tourists
were released unharmed. Six weeks later the
Nez Perce surrendered tot eh U.S. Army in
northern Montana. They were then transferred
to reservations far fromt heir home lands.

Mr. and Mrs. George Cowan are believed to
be the two middle figures standing in front
of the stagecoach.

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